JO Hambro launch global income fund

JO Hambro launch global income fund

JO Hambro have launched a global income multi-asset fund.

The JO Hambro Global Income Builder fund will be run by Giorgio Caputo, Robert Hordon and Lale Topcuogl.

Mr Caputo and Mr Horden were most recently employed at First Eagle Investment management, where they helped launch a fund with a strategy similar in aim and style to the product being launched at JO Hambro.

The duo joined J O Hambro in August 2017. 

The managers will use a “value” style of investing and take a “bottom up” approach to investing. They say most multi-asset funds are more often run with a top-down approach that focuses more on asset allocation and identifying macroeconomic trends.

The fund will have a charge of 0.65 per cent for the sterling share class. 

Ken Lambden, chief executive at JO Hambro said: "The fund is a logical extension to our long-only equity fund range. It offers a core solution to the income problem with which investors continue to wrestle, provided by a proven and high quality team with a distinctive bottom-up investment approach."

Darius McDermott, managing director at Chelsea Financial Services said the fund is “targeting a decent yield of 5 per cent which is attractive".

"It is run by a stable team There is no track record they can show us but the have been doing it previously. The charges are reasonable.”