L&G unveils gender diversity fund focused on UK companies

“However, I suspect it’s much more likely a product of the marketing team designed to appeal without actually delivering on performance or change.

"Even within L&G's own press release there is no evidence that gender diversity has an impact positive, or negative, on investment returns. It’s quite telling, the quotes simply refer to companies remaining ‘relevant’ or helping companies ‘progress’.

“Unfortunately I also don’t think that, on its own, this fund will have any impact on the gender diversity of UK businesses, as it would be too small to influence decisions.

"It’s also worth mentioning that this fund in isolation is unlikely to be suitable for most clients due to its UK-equity focus, that is, it’d be too high risk for many.”


LGIM’s plan for this fund appear to have good motives but the jury is out on whether advisers will be drawn to the fund amid current market challenges.