Funds advisers are recommending ahead of Brexit

Funds advisers are recommending ahead of Brexit

The Global sector claimed the top spot in fund sales chart in September, according to FundsNetwork data that showed advisers rushing to diversify portfolios ahead of Brexit.

The Global sector narrowly beat the Mixed Investment 40 to 85 per cent sector, with the Volatility Managed and Mixed Investments 20 to 60 per cent also seeing strong demand, taking third and fifth place respectively.

According to Paul Richards, head of sales at FundsNetwork, this trend suggests that advisers and their clients have been looking for assets that offer either geographical or asset class diversification ahead of Brexit.

The sales data contrasts starkly with the type of funds that were attracting cash ahead of the UK's decision to vote to leave the European Union.

Back in October 2015, FundsNetwork's data showed the UK Equity Income and Property sectors continuing to assert their dominance at the top of the sales chart.

Mr Richards said: "It is clear from September's sales data that advisers were striving to manage volatility by diversifying clients' portfolios as much as possible.

"We can see this from the strong flows into the global, mixed investment and volatility managed sectors as well as into more defensive assets.

"Geopolitical risks such as Brexit and the US' relationship with China are likely to continue to fuel volatility in the markets so we do not expect the demand for diversified investments or defensive assets to diminish anytime soon."

Minesh Patel, an adviser at EA Solutions in London said he prefers the Strategic Bond sector as the fund managers have the flexibility to invest in a wide range of bonds, offering greater potential for returns at times of market strife.

The best selling fund on the Fundsnetwork platform in September was Liontrust Special Situations.

This is a £3.8bn fund which is among the top 25 per cent of funds in the IA UK All Companies sector over the past one, three and five years.

The fund is managed by Anthony Cross and Julian Fosh.

Darius McDermott, managing director at Chelsea Financial Services said: "This is one of our favourite UK growth funds. The managers have a very simple process which has worked well for a long time and so not surprisingly the assets have grown."

The next most bought fund was Fidelity South East Asia and then the Fundsmith Equity fund, which will soon become the largest open ended fund open to advisers in the UK market.

It will replace M&G's Optimal Income fund which is splitting in two.

Top 10 adviser sales by sector via FundsNetwork


Sector Name




Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares


Volatility Managed


Strategic Bond


Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares


Short Term Money Market


£ Corporate Bond






Global Bonds