The small caps Woodford has sold to raise cash

Capita shares have fallen from £1.62 to £1.08 over the past year.

The shares of AA Group have fallen from £1.21 to 50p over the past year. 

The travails of the fund manager have not put off investors on the Interactive Investor platform however, with his Patient Capital investment trust, being the most bought on the platform in June, having been just the sixth most bought the previous month.  

The trust’s share price has fallen from 76p to 58p since the suspension of the Woodford Equity Income fund was announced a month ago. 

Fund rules mean Mr Woodford has also been forced to sell his unquoted holdings, despite those being among the best performers in the fund.

Darius McDermott, managing director at Chelsea Financial Services, said he would want Patient Capital shares to fall further before he would consider investing, due to concerns about the health of some of the companies in which the trust is invested.