Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Louisa France

Diary of an adviser: Louisa France

This adviser meets some lovely clients, watches her daughter follow in her footsteps and still finds time to fit in plenty of walking


My alarm goes off about 30 minutes before my aching legs officially wake up following a challenging but scenic cycle ride in the Yorkshire Dales on Sunday. 

I have a client review meeting a short drive from my house, so I can take my time and review my notes over breakfast.

The recently widowed elderly client tells me she intends to downsize her home and will be looking to invest the excess. Moving house is stressful at any age and we agree to take things slowly and meet again soon to discuss her options in more detail.

In the afternoon, I drive into Leeds to catch up with colleagues in the office, write up notes and prepare for the week ahead.


My eldest daughter turns up at the house at 7am to join me on the office commute. She has recently started work in financial services after leaving school. I remember the same journey into Leeds with my father at her age and feel old.  

In the afternoon, our team holds an estate planning seminar for clients and contacts at a local hotel and conference centre, which is well received and generates some interesting new enquiries.


A day trip to see clients in Scotland starts with a brisk walk to the train station at 6am. I am attempting to fit in 60 minutes of exercise every day as part of a 21-day gym challenge. I arrive in Edinburgh feeling relaxed – it’s a beautiful day and I love being back in Scotland.

After an internal meeting, an investment manager meets me at our office and we set off to see our mutual client.

We are greeted with a lovely unexpected platter of cheese, biscuits and cake, which is quickly devoured before a full review of the client’s estate and pension planning in the run up to age 75.

I am reminded how lucky I am to have such lovely clients – they ask me how the cycling is going and we chat about families and schools. 

It is still daylight when I get to Harrogate, so I walk home. I regret buying a house on a hill by the time I make it to my front door, and sleep beckons.


A quick email catch up in the morning and then a trip to hospital – I have an annoying eyesight condition that requires regular monitoring.

Our wonderful NHS saved my eyesight so I never begrudge the hours spent in the waiting room. I listen to our latest investment podcast and use the opportunity to catch up on CPD and the latest market events.


Into Leeds early for final preparations for a meeting with a new client. I have been putting together a cash flow projection and they have multiple assets and income sources, so it has taken a while to get it perfect.