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Where to invest after Woodford

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Where to invest after Woodford

Mr Frost is a veteran who established a great track record before joining Artemis in 2002.

The fund typically holds between 50-70 stocks and has a bias towards large-cap equities (currently 81.3 per cent).

The fund, which has yield of 4.3 per cent, has returned 153.7 per cent to investors in the past decade alone.

Another experienced manager to consider is Martin Cholwill, who has managed the Royal London UK Equity Income fund since 2005.

Mr Cholwill seeks to build portfolios for all market conditions, by prioritising stocks with free cash flow and avoiding overvalued stocks.

This means that his holdings should offer increasing dividends, while generating a good total return for investors. The 40-60 stock portfolio has returned 202.6 per cent to investors over the past decade, with a historic yield of 4.5 per cent.

Multi-cap income offers investors diversification

While there is little doubt that the FTSE 100 offers the best dividend returns, there may be those who want to diversify given the concentration of dividends paid by the top 15 companies in the blue-chip index remains worryingly high (58 per cent).

For this, I would turn to the likes of the LF Gresham House UK Multi-Cap Income fund or the Marlborough Multi-Cap Income fund.

The Gresham House vehicle is run by Ken Wotton, a specialist in the small-cap space, with the fund investing in 40-70 positions with almost three-quarters (74 per cent) of its holdings in small or micro-cap companies.

His top 10 includes the likes of a tenpin bowling operator and manufacturer and supplier of Kettle safety controls.

The fund has returned 42.1 per cent since its launch in June 2017 and has a yield of 3.5 per cent.

Going global

While global equity income funds may not have the yields to match their peers in the UK, they do offer diversification – given there are almost 2,500 dividend-paying companies to choose from – and the opportunity to get involved in an early and growing income stream, which is something we are big fans of.

For this I would recommend the likes of the BNY Mellon Global Income fund, a value-biased global equity income fund designed to generate a yield at least 25 per cent greater than that of the global stock market.

Another fund worth looking at is the Fidelity Global Dividend fund, managed by Dan Roberts, which has a strong focus on capital protection.

The conservative and multi-asset routes

Those who are particularly wary of incurring losses may want to opt for a more conservative vehicle, like the Jupiter Distribution fund.

Managed by Rhys Petheram and Alastair Gunn, the fund focuses on risk control and capital preservation, while also offering a monthly income.