Gross mortgage borrowing falls five per cent

Gross mortgage borrowing falls five per cent

Figures published by the British Bankers Association show gross mortgage borrowing fell five per cent to £12.2bn in November 2016 compared with the same month last year.

Additionally, net mortgage borrowing was 2.4 per cent higher than a year ago.

According to the BBA consumer credit annual growth fell back in November to around 6 per cent despite strong retail sales, and growth continues to be supported in the case of personal loans by favourable interest rates.

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Dr Rebecca Harding, BBA chief economist, said consumer credit growth continues to be strong, despite falling back a little in November, reflecting strong retail sales in recent months.

She said: “The reduction in interest rates in August may have boosted remortgaging approvals, with consumers looking to take advantage of the current economic conditions and lock-in lower interest rates.

“A corollary of a low interest rate environment is a growth in deposits and we’ve seen personal deposits, in particular, grow more strongly in recent months as consumers hoard cash in the absence of higher-yielding, liquid investment opportunities.

"This growth in personal deposits may also suggest that consumers are looking to grow their cash reserves against potential economic uncertainties, such as an expectation of lower wage growth.”