Mortgage network launches drive to get brokers online

Mortgage network launches drive to get brokers online

PMS Mortgage Club has launched a web solutions service to help brokers create their own websites.

Brokers using the service will benefit from bespoke content created by PMS’ in-house marketing team; a range of interactive layouts, responsive designs and customisable branding; and comparison tools and calculators that aid customers’ research.

The network is urging advisers to boost their digital presence at a time when more and more consumers are conducting online research before they make a transaction.

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It is also warning brokers of the threat posed by tech start-up firms that can harness the power of consumer data to enhance their online proposition.

Lauren Bagley, marketing manager at PMS, said: “If I could recommend one course of action for firms right now it is to be visible in the same place as your customers, which increasingly is in a digital environment. 

“With more than 80 per cent of consumers undertaking research online before they make a purchase decision, having an effective digital presence is something you simply can’t ignore. 

“A website will often be the initial step in a customer’s advice journey, so the challenge for advisers is to make the right first impression and then convert this contact into new enquiries and business.”

David Hollingworth, associate director, communications at London and Country, said the service could prove useful for some brokers. 

He commented: “Most people are highly likely to have looked online before they talk to a broker. Not having an online presence at all will be detrimental.

“Setting up and maintaining a website can be expensive, and brokers will be busy, so finding time and money to do that may be difficult.

“It is a rapidly moving market. Is the website optimised for mobile devices? Have you got relevant content people want to look at? How are you driving people to the website? These are things that are difficult for a normal broker to concentrate on entirely.”