Iress to launch mortgage client portal

Iress to launch mortgage client portal

Back office technology provider Iress has said it hopes to launch a client portal for its mortgage software soon.

The company launched a client portal for its XPlan wealth technology last year and is now finalising one for its mortgage software.

Andrew Simon, executive general manager for product at Iress, said: "What we are seeing is the evolution of the mortgage broker, the next generation coming through which is more digitally savvy.

"What shouldn't be understated is that brokers need to think about how they change their business processes and how they communicate with their clients and lenders.

"We launched a client portal for wealth advisers back in October and we will do it for mortgage brokers this year."

Mr Simon also said Iress was investing in making sure its MSO software offered an end-to-end experience, so brokers will not have to key information into several different systems.

He said the company was also working on making sure it was an end-to-end process for borrowers.

Mr Simon said: "The majority of the benefits will sit with the distributors because they get the benefit of not rekeying data. The lender benefits because this means more data accuracy. You are more likely to get business that's going to stick."

He added that Iress would be looking to use Open Banking to add more data to its system and make the mortgage process more frictionless.