Government extends evictions ban

Government extends evictions ban
Credit: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

The government has extended the ban on bailiff-enforced evictions to May 31 to protect residential tenants amid the pandemic.

The ban on bailiff-enforced evictions in all but the most serious circumstances, such as incidents of fraud or domestic abuse, will be extended until at least May 31.

Additionally, the requirement for landlords to provide six-month notice periods to tenants before they evict, will also be extended until at least the end of May.

The extensions, announced today (March 10) by housing secretary Robert Jenrick, come after the government previously extended the ban last month to the end of March.

The government said the extensions would ensure residents in private and social sectors can stay in their homes and have enough time to find alternative accommodation or support as the country “[moves] through the roadmap” out of lockdown.

It added that ensuring renters remain protected until the end of May while national restrictions remain in place would “align with the broader strategy” for protecting public health and continue to help reduce pressure on essential public services as the country begins to move out of lockdown.

According to the government, it will consider the “best approach” to move away from emergency protections from the beginning of June, taking into account public health advice and the wider roadmap out of lockdown.

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