James Coney  

People need a retirement income guarantee

James Coney

James Coney

Clear investment path

Fidelity has launched a sustainable family of funds, which basically consists of five investments, cross asset, focused on environmental, social and governance issues.

I have always found sustainable investing so fiddly. Maybe I do not quite have my head in the right place, but you need to have a thorough understanding of the manager’s remit in order to ensure your money is in the right place.

But there is one major hindrance too: transparency.

The current fund disclosure rules are not strong enough to assist the sustainable investor.

If you are ethically focused you need to know where and with whom the manager is investing all the time.

At the moment, full lists of stocks are tucked away in the recesses of investment company websites and even then are chronically out of date.

Investing in responsible and transparent businesses means fund managers must be responsible and transparent too.

The grass is always greener

Sometimes you just cannot do anything right.

St James’s Place introduced a new CII qualification for dealing with vulnerable clients. It is utterly commendable.

But then it promptly received a kicking from advisers who were angry that it was a deal just for this one company and that they were excluded from it.

Advisers blamed the CII and SJP for partnership.

Let’s have a sense of perspective here.

Developing new qualifications is expensive and – to be frank – I saw no great outcry from the advice community for a vulnerable advice kitemark.

But now someone else has got it, everyone wants it. So who do they pick on? The easy target: SJP.

James Coney is money editor atThe Sunday Times