Jeff Prestridge  

How life must change after coronavirus

Jeff Prestridge

Jeff Prestridge

We must ensure that there is as much a focus on financial protection as on building long-term wealth. 

That it is not always necessary to have the latest mobile phone or large screen television.

Certainly, I am going to reshape my own life once we come out of this awful mess.

Financially, mortgage eradication will be the name of the day, as will be conserving cash.

Fewer trips down to the 606 Jazz Club in west London.

Maybe, more time helping those less fortunate than myself – not just raising money for charity as I have done on a regular basis, but doing some voluntary work.

What we must not allow is for our country and economy to come out of this coronavirus blitz more divisive than ever.

If company directors can forego their multi-million pound bonuses now, they can do the same in the future. If we can home the homeless now, we can do so in the future.

Come New Year, honours for our glorious doctors and nurses, not for political apparatchiks.

Stay safe. Stay secure – and look out for those less fortunate than yourself.

Jeff Prestridge is personal finance editor of The Mail on Sunday