Advisers beware alt asset business governance

David Newman

David Newman

Any problems arising within the private markets space could have an industry-wide impact. This is not just bad news for one alternative assets promoter; the ripple effect could bring wider questions and lead to greater difficulties for others in the sector.

As the reality of the economic climate begins to bite, financial advisers and institutions must consider how well they have been documenting any private markets and alternative assets business they have written.

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It is in these trying times that people really start to analyse where their money has gone, and whether they made the right decision at the time they put that money into an investment.

This is where advisers need to be sure they have every aspect of any alternative assets business covered and if they have concerns about an institution, they should address them sooner rather than later. 

After all, every firm has a responsibility to ensure that its regulatory governance is robust, otherwise everyone potentially loses.

David Newman is chief commercial officer of Delio