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Defiant May insists she will deliver certainty

Defiant May insists she will deliver certainty

Prime minister Theresa May has confirmed she has struck a deal with the Democratic Unionist party and asked the nation to let her get to work.

Just before 1pm today (9 June), Mrs May returned from meeting with the Queen at Buckingham Palace and said the Conservatives would work together with the DUP and added the two parties have “enjoyed a strong relationship over many years.”

She vowed to stay on because certainty was what this country needs most.

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Mrs May was forced to work with the DUP after she entered the general election yesterday (8 June) with a majority and woke up this morning to discover she failed to win the 326 seat majority she needed in the House of Commons.

The Conservatives have 318 seats.

Speaking outside the door of Number 10 Downing Street, she confirmed Brexit negotiations will continue, on the same timetable as before, and made no reference to the performance of her party in the general election yesterday.

Mrs May said: “What the country needs now more than ever is certainty. Having secured the largest number of votes and greatest number of seats in the general election, it is clear the Conservatives and Unionist party has the legitimacy to provide that.”

Mrs May said she would put fairness and opportunity at heart of everything her government does adding “no-one and no community will be left behind”.