Advisers cannot serve everybody


Advisers cannot serve everybody as not everyone can afford their fees, according to Justin King, chartered financial planner at MFP Wealth Management.

Speaking to FTAdviser in light of analysis by Saga, which found more than £3.2bn had been accessed as a lump sum from pension pots without those retirees having sought advice, Mr King said, "it is their money, they should be allowed to withdraw it".

He added: "It still might be the right thing to do."

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Asked whether the financial advice industry needed to do more to promote itself, he replied: "The question, of course, really is, are these the right clients for the business in the first place?"

Mr King suggested education by providers about "key concerns before making decisions about retirement and pension pots" might help those who could not get advice.

He also talked about what prompted him to launch his own retirement podcast series and, finally, Mr King explained how advisers can start conversations with the next generation of clients.

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