State Pension  

Divorced women could be owed £50k due to pension loophole

Mr Webb said there could be 100,000 women over state pension age whose current marital status is divorced and who are not receiving a full basic state pension. 

Mr Webb said: “Every year thousands of women over state pension age get divorced, but many may not be aware that they can qualify for a state pension boost as a result.  

“Worryingly even some financial advisers, lawyers and DWP call handlers seem to be unaware of the rules.  

“Any woman who reached pension age before 6th April 2016 and has since got divorced should contact the DWP if she is not on a full basic state pension to see if she is entitled to an increase based on her ex husband’s contributions”.

Mr Webb is also running a campaign to fix the issue of state pension underpayments for married women.

He has launched a petition calling on the government to search its records to identify all married women who may have been underpaid.

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