Axa PPP rolls out wellbeing app to policyholders

The paper investigated the link between rumination (the process of thinking about work outside of work) and cardiovascular disease.

According to the research, the stress of constantly working – being connected to your phone, laptop, and emails, without any dedicated interventions, can be deadly as it is linked to cardiovascular disease.

In February 2016, FTAdviser asked whether the future of insurance lay with wearable technology - the so-called Pay as You Live Insurance.

In the guide, which qualifies for 60 minutes' worth of structured CPD, commentators suggested the better integration of wearable tech and individual or workplace protection could improve both the end user's health and wellbeing, and potentially reduce their premiums as a result.

At the time, Peter Le Beau, founder of consultancy Le Beau Visage, says: “The role of technology is vital because it can provide a range of important health and lifestyle measures, which can be fed into a premium computation.”