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Vitality Life launches 'lite' option

Vitality Life launches 'lite' option

Vitality Life has widened access to its product range with the launch of Vitality Lite, which features significantly lower minimum monthly premiums.

The new offering is for customers who want a lower cost plan and who previously may not have considered Vitality because of the higher minimum premium.

The minimum premium for Vitality and Wellness Optimiser plans was £30 a month (£40 joint life), however, with Vitality Lite this reduces to £8 or £10 depending on the type of policy. 

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Vitality Lite will be available on new policies, with a lower additional fee of £1.50 per person per month.

Through Vitality Lite, policyholders can access a range of benefits such as health screenings, stop smoking sessions, discounted activity trackers and selected health spa trips. 

They also get an upfront discount and have the opportunity to earn up to £125 cashback as an additional incentive to getting healthier. 

Deepak Jobanputra, deputy chief executive of VitalityLife, said: "Our market-leading Optimiser range has helped make our cover more affordable while encouraging members to lead a healthier life at the same time. 

"We've seen huge success with these products, with 70 per cent of our new business now Optimised.

"But we want to make our comprehensive cover more affordable and more accessible. 

"So we are reducing the minimum premium to encourage more customers to take up our Optimised products and to increase access to a range of Vitality benefits that help people get healthier."

Emma Thomson, head of customer care at LifeSearch, said: “This is a positive move from Vitality. 

"It will enable more people with smaller budgets to access their Optimiser products, and they can still benefit from a range of Vitality rewards that encourage healthy behaviours too. I’m sure this will appeal to many consumers looking for a combination of good coverage, added benefits and rewards for loyalty."