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VitalityLife improves underwriting for diabetics

VitalityLife improves underwriting for diabetics

VitalityLife has improved its underwriting process for diabetics to ensure a greater number of cases are accepted on disclosures.  

The insurer has announced it will provide fully underwritten final decisions online for type one diabetics who have achieved good control of their condition, without complications.

It will ask relevant questions to establish an understanding of how well controlled the condition is before offering terms in real time.

Previously, all type one diabetes disclosures triggered an automatic GP report.

The changes also mean a higher proportion of type two diabetics’ cases being will be accepted online.

Earlier this year, VitalityLife launched a unique product for diabetics through Wellness Optimiser, which offers a substantial discount and greater access to protection for diabetics.

The insurer has also improved its online underwriting for the Armed Forces with a new drill-down questionnaire relating to future postings overseas.

It has stated that at least 80 per cent of Crohn’s disease cases and the majority of ulcerative colitis cases will now be accepted online based on disclosures alone, without the need for a general practitioner’s report.

Deepak Jobanputra, deputy chief executive at VitalityLife, said: “These changes mean that we can now provide real-time automatic acceptances for a large number of people living with diabetes in the UK.

"This will result in a significant reduction in underwriting time, allowing advisers to get their clients cover more quickly than ever before."

Emma Thomson, life office relationship director at LifeSearch, said: “Underwriting developments that make it easier for clients to buy will always be welcomed, as cumbersome processes can put clients off taking out valuable cover. 

“Insurers need to regularly review their approaches to ensure they are doing all they can to assess risks and help more consumers buy insurance.

"It is therefore great to see VitalityLife do this, and these positive changes will help more clients get cover in place faster too."