LV offers clients access to medical professionals

LV offers clients access to medical professionals

LV has extended its second opinion service to everyone who makes a claim on its personal or business protection policy.

Claimants or their dependents will be able to access a medical professional through the Square Health network of professionals for all conditions including cancer, heart and cardiovascular, stroke and mental health issues.

Those that use this service are matched with a UK-based consultant to offer advice and review any diagnosis. 

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After an investigation and a review of the claimant’s medical records the consultant will provide a report and offer a follow-up appointment, either face-to-face, via video or over the phone, to help with any unanswered questions about the condition or the treatment options.

Claimants do not have to pay a fee, or contribute towards the cost of the consultation and a follow-up appointment can be made if it is needed.

The second opinion service is part of LV Doctor Services which, through Square Health, also offers psychological and bereavement support to immediate family members in the event of a policyholder’s death, or diagnosis of a terminal illness.

Chris McNab, protection proposition director at LV, said: "We believe that protection should play a far wider role in supporting people, beyond the core financial insurance benefit.

"Our experience tells us that when a policyholder is given a potentially life-changing diagnosis the resultant whirlwind of emotions can lead to confusion and upset. The newly extended second opinion service makes practical guidance, reassurance and emotional support available to all our members when they need to make a claim."

He added: "Through Square Health’s broad network of UK-based medical professionals the service provides confidential, compassionate, and most importantly, swift support at what can be a difficult time when a condition is diagnosed."

Dr Bippon Vinayak, CEO of Square Health, said: "People who have benefited from this service in the past tell us that the face-to-face approach gives them real reassurance around their diagnosis and treatment plan."

Martin Bamford, chartered financial planner at Informed Choice, thought this was a fantastic benefit for policyholders, particularly given the increasingly stretched NHS. 

He said: "Often it’s the simple act of taking the time to answer questions that people really appreciate when they have received a diagnosis. Taking the time to chat about the prognosis, treatment options and impact on quality of life is so valuable and reassuring.

"I would like to see more insurers follow LV’s lead and view their products as far more comprehensive than the financial benefits alone."