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Canada Life launches virtual consultations

Canada Life launches virtual consultations

Canada Life has launched a range of virtual support services to customers of its online group insurance platform ‘Class’.

The services include virtual GP consultations, mental health support and get fit programmes, and are available through the provider’s ‘WeCare’ app. They can be used by employees and their family members, regardless of whether they are covered.

The services are provided in partnership with virtual care provider Teladoc Health and will be available until the end of the year. 

Canada Life said they were developed to provide support and guidance through the coronavirus crisis.

Tim Stoves, managing director of protection at Canada Life, said: “We initially planned a phased rollout to a limited number of employers.

"After witnessing recent events, we felt it was only right to offer this service to all our Class customers, at a time when it can make a real difference.”

Kathryn Knowles, managing director at Cura, added: “Canada Life making this move shows that they are clearly thinking about the continued well-being of their members and their families.

“For some people financial anxiety is skyrocketing, access to food is restricted, they can be alone or they may be in a home environment that is not safe.

"By opening up access to all of these support services, Canada Life is potentially giving some people a lifeline that will help them to cope with how they are having to live right now.”

Canada Life said it would review the service and the take-up before deciding whether to continue offering it into 2021.