Financial Ombudsman Service  

Ombudsmen reach deal on pension complaints

The organisations' remits as defined in the memorandum signed on 1 December 2017 are:

The types of complaints the Pension Ombudsman considers

  • Auto enrolment;
  • Failure to provide information/act on instructions;
  • Misquote/misinformation;
  • Pension liberation;
  • Transfer: general;
  • Ill health;
  • Benefits: incorrect calculation/refusal/failure to pay or late payment/pension increases;
  • With-profit issues;
  • Fund switches;
  • Guaranteed Annuity Rate;
  • Death benefits;
  • Charges/fees;
  • Interpretation of scheme rules/policy terms; and
  • Winding up.

Complaints the Fos will consider

  • advice to take out a personal pension - including group personal pensions, stakeholder pensions, self-invested personal pensions or free-standing additional voluntary contributions;
  • advice to transfer from a defined benefit occupational pension scheme to a personal or other defined contribution pension scheme;
  • advice to someone with a personal pension to take out an annuity or go into drawdown;
  • advice on investments in self-invested personal pension plans, executive pension plans or small self-administered pension schemes;
  • advice about the management of a personal pension portfolio under, for example, a discretionary management agreement;
  • advice on taking out an annuity or section 32 buy-out policies where the buy-out is in the individual consumer’s name; and
  • the administration of a personal pension scheme, including self-invested personal pensions, group personal pensions and annuities in payment.