Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Nicky Barclay

Diary of an adviser: Nicky Barclay

After a long weekend getaway, this adviser returns to a busy week of client meetings and a viewing of an art exhibition


I wake up in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik on the last day of a long weekend away with my husband – if only every week started this way.

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We set off for the journey home after a leisurely breakfast and I use the travel time to catch up on client and administrative emails, market and sector-specific news flow and to set my agenda for the week ahead. 


I start the day by dropping my daughter at nursery and then head straight to the office for our quarterly asset allocation committee call. 

Having spent the past couple of days out of the office, there is a lot to catch up on.

I draft a proposal for a family law firm whose client is seeking clarity on the level of retirement income achievable from a pension sharing order; arrange a couple of client meetings; and complete three suitability reports that need to be sent out to clients. 

My favourite part of the day is spent finalising arrangements with clients and their friends for Finura’s annual golf day.  

I finish the day by taking advantage of the good weather and run home.


This morning is an early start; I have a breakfast meeting with my Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment mentee at their office.

Having become a chartered financial planner eight years ago, I jumped at the chance of assisting other aspiring financial planners with their career progression.

My mentee’s key objective is to achieve certification, so we spend the time focussing on his case study submission, the questions it has prompted and the wonders of ‘goal seek’. Then, back to the office.

Having recently met with all the providers in the offshore bond market, I spend the afternoon discussing my findings with the rest of the paraplanning and advisory team and updating our methodology.


It is my turn again for the nursery drop-off this morning. Once I arrive at the office, I listen to a provider webinar, keep up with the regular flow of administrative tasks, emails and news and, most importantly, meet a new client for a second meeting.

Having already met, I have a good understanding of the client’s circumstances and financial and lifestyle aspirations. We have discussed how I might add value and today we go through a cash flow modelling exercise.

My day concludes with a private viewing of the Young Art exhibition at the Royal College of Art. My son has been chosen as a contributing artist. 


Another breakfast meeting this morning, this time with a much-loved professional introducer.

Then it is into the office to write up my notes and send out a summary out of yesterday’s client meeting. Every Friday all advisers schedule an hour to share interesting client solutions and new planning ideas; this week we discuss a potential inheritance tax solution.