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Samantha Downes

Samantha Downes

Despite economic uncertainty, despite fears over the UK’s exit of the EU, despite the election of a protectionist president in the United States, despite all this the world goes on.

The saying ‘business as usual’ with the odd price hike thrown in, has never seemed more apt. We are all going about our business, going to work, taking our children to school, spending money on things we don’t always need.

But advisers appear to have gone one better. In fact you all appear to be doing rather well.

According to a survey by Aviva - which FTAdviser covered exclusively this week- almost half of the UK's advice firms are planning to recruit in 2017.

So, out of over 600 adviser firms surveyed, 45 per cent told Aviva they were planning to recruit in the next year. This figure was up from 40 per cent a year ago, and 31 per cent back in March 2013.

And, more than 30 per cent of advisers reported their firms’ income was more than £1m, compared with 26 per cent at the same time last year.

So where has this new money come from? Not from a raft of new clients or even existing ones needing a home for their new investments or pension monies.

The rise in income, among the firms who have seen a rise, has been from clients seeking reassurance.

Human beings are quite simple creatures, we don’t on the whole like change (even if there’s a chance the end result might be to our benefit), we aren’t keen on making a fuss and we want to hold on to what we have.

Which is where the value of advice comes in. Never underestimate the value of hand holding. But then you all know that don’t you?