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Happy 30th birthday FA!

Samantha Downes

Samantha Downes

This week, you may have noticed, marks Financial Adviser’s 30th anniversary edition.

When it started life back in 1987 FA was (so the story goes) crafted in a small office just off Smithfield Market.

There was no internet access; in fact the reporters back then had no access to any real-time information. But they managed week after week to break news stories. They even saw off two rival publications, which both went to the wall within 18 months of launching.

I (assistant editor of FA) started my financial journalism career – after training and qualifying as a local newspaper reporter – at Financial Adviser. When I saw the paper advertising for a reporter in the media job pages of the Guardian newspaper, it seemed a preferable alternative to the miserable ritual of doorstepping minor celebrities I was then being subjected to as a freelance reporter for one of the red tops. 

Backed by the Financial Times, Financial Adviser demands that its journalists maintain integrity, accuracy and impartiality at all times. 

I’ve worked for many national newspapers, women’s magazines (both glossies and weeklies) and I can say that writing for FA remains an honour. Everything I know about financial journalism I learned here. 

Whether it is online or print, Financial Adviser is committed to usable, impartial journalism that puts its readers at the heart of the story.

It also goes first where others follow.

In a Twitter exchange with some consumer (aka national newspaper) journalists who were commenting on one of our breaking news stories, I realised they were watching our feed for news of the latest interest rate decision. FTAdviser, Financial Adviser’s online sister, has a strong reputation for breaking news. 

May all this and more continue for many more years to come.