UnbiasedSep 22 2016

Unbiased matching service under fire

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Unbiased matching service under fire
ByKatherine Denham

But Mr Ossei disputed this, saying the consumer has agreed to be contacted by an adviser through the terms and conditions and should expect a call within 48 hours of completing the form.

“Every adviser has to introduce themselves and book a meeting over the phone,” he said, pointing out that advisers are only contravening the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules if they sell a product straight away.

Unbiased, which has more than one million users each year, decided to revamp its website after it conducted research which found clients wanted a quicker way of being matched with an adviser.

It also sought to improve the filter process so advisers are better matched to the request, based on the value of savings and advice area for example.

According to Mr Ossei, since the new option was introduced, fewer users have complained about advisers taking too long to respond or not getting back to them at all.

But he admitted there was still parts of the design which are still being tested, and said Unbiased is looking to add on an extra feature so that clients are notified about which adviser will contact them once the adviser has accepted the enquiry.