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Aegon platform assets reach £107bn

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Aegon platform assets reach £107bn

Aegon UK’s underlying earnings increased to €35m (£31.6m) during the second quarter of 2017.

Life earnings increased to €19m (£17m) because of higher results on inflation-linked bonds.

Meanwhile pension earnings at the Dutch-owned company increased to €15m (£13.5m) because of higher equity markets on fee income.

But new life sales declined by 13 per cent to €65m in the second quarter, mainly because of the company’s exit from UK annuities.

Last year Aegon sold two thirds of its UK annuity portfolio to Rothesay Life in order to divert more resources to its adviser platform.

The company’s gross deposits almost tripled to €12bn (£10.8bn) because of UK platform deposits and savings deposits in the Netherlands.

Adrian Grace, the chief executive of Aegon UK, said assets on its combined platforms had reached £107bn following its acquisition of Cofunds last year.

He said: “The platform growth is due to a combination of exceptional new business flows and buoyant stock markets and the combined platforms experienced net inflows of £3.2bn.

“It’s clear that despite macroeconomic uncertainty, advisers are in a bullish mood and are benefiting from a demand for advice which is driving these flows.

“Last year’s deals have fundamentally transformed the scale of our operations and we now work with advisers to either manage or administer £151bn of long-term savings for more than 3 million customers across the platform and workplace markets.”

Mr Grace added that the integration of Cofunds remains “on track and on budget”.

According to Aegon’s results the integration of Cofunds will cost €15m (£13.5m).

Aegon has also agreed to sell Aegon Ireland, the division which provides its guaranteed drawdown products, to AGER Bermuda Holding.

The company has said this will “optimise” its portfolio of businesses but the deal appears to have placed question marks over the future of these products.

Mr Grace said: “We will continue to work with the new owner of Aegon Ireland to define the future strategy of our Secure Retirement Income product, which will remain open until at least the end of the year.

“In a pension freedom environment, guarantees and certainty are demanded by customers and we will continue to develop the right solutions for customers and advisers.”