Fidelity responds to platform criticism

Ivor Harper, owner at Park Financial Ltd, recently raised concerns with Fidelity over Twitter with regards to changes to the layout of its adviser site. 

Speaking to Financial Adviser, Mr Harper said: "As an analogy, think of when you visit your local supermarket - you go in on your way home from work because you know you need to pick up some wine, butter, coffee and cheese and this should be a three minute task. 

"Except, when you get there, you find that the coffee is no longer in the place it used to be - someone at the supermarket has decided to move it to a different aisle and now you have to wander up and down looking for it.

"That was my Fidelity experience on the day I sent that tweet. All I wanted was to log-on, obtain an item of information and get on with my day.

"But no, Fidelity had elected to rearrange the layout of its welcome page and so I had to waste time trying to figure out how, on their new website, to navigate my way to the 'Adviser Fee Statements'." 

Mr Harper said he had since revisited the Fidelity site and found the page's headings have now been re-installed. 

He added: "My point to providers is simply this - supermarkets have a perfectly good reason to keep rearranging store layouts, its shoppers walk up and down which, in turn, can result in more purchases being made and whilst irritating I can see why they do it.

"You, however, have no such similar excuse for the 'reordering' of the layout of your websites - so leave them alone and then we can all get on with our jobs."