Financial Adviser Service Awards Five Star winners: investments

Financial Adviser Service Awards Five Star winners: investments


Ensuring existing and new clients get expected service via its investments, and strengthening adviser teams are among the actions Royal London Asset Management has undertaken to win the hearts and minds of financial advisers.

The company has been ranked top against its peers for companies in the investment sector that have been awarded a five-star rating by advisers.

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Rob Williams, chief distribution officer says: “We’ve seen high levels of market uncertainty due to a range of political and economic factors, so have worked hard to make sure we communicate with advisers so that they can reassure their clients.”

Over the past 12 months, in order to get closer to the adviser community, RLAM has canvassed views from core investors in areas such as fixed income, sustainable investing and equities to inform advisers.

It has also continued producing a mix of articles, blog posts, webinars and videos, to make this easy for advisers to get the information they want, in the format they want.

Mr Williams adds: “Looking after assets means making sure that we understand the risks in any portfolio, whether this is liquidity, exposure to particular companies or sectors, or exposure to certain economic factors such as interest rates. But it also means making sure that we have arms-length assessments of the portfolio, so that oversight is effective. 

“It also means making it easier for our clients to get the information they want, how they want it and when they want it. This means a holistic approach to client service – including things as diverse as website design, thought leadership, getting our reporting right and so on. We aren’t complacent; we’re excited to see the possibilities to improve.”

Looking ahead, responsible investment is set to become an even bigger focus for the company.

Mr Williams says: “Responsible investment is a key area for us. We have a long track record in this area. Our sustainable funds have just celebrated 10-year anniversaries, but for us, this is much wider than a set of strategies.

“We’re integrating RI at every level of our business – from how we research companies, to voting and even the covers we use on our presentations. And we’re being open with clients about what this means on a range of subjects from corporate pay to climate change. An RI approach isn’t easy, nor is it cheap – at least in the short term. But we believe it delivers better returns, and pays for itself, in the long term.

“The other thing I’d highlight is communication. With Brexit and trade wars causing record moves in some investment markets, clients are looking for information, views and reassurance. We’ve been more active in getting key messages from our investment experts and getting these to clients in a way that suits them.”