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Financial services firms unite for LGBT initiative

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Financial services firms unite for LGBT initiative
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“There is an opportunity to modernise and change and the executive leaders within our member firms are working to help transform our industry into one which is the most trusted sector of choice for LGBT+ talent, clients and investors,” Cameron said.

“Specific interventions will make a big difference to the working lives of LGBT+ people in our sector”.

During the last twelve months, industry executives have been engaging with LGBT Great to improve the awareness of same-sex orientation and gender identity. 

Anne Richards, chief executive officer of Fidelity International, said: “We are excited to be partnering with LGBT Great this Pride. At Fidelity International, we are committed to embracing our LGBT+ communities, clients and employees globally.  

“We celebrate Pride because we believe having an inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong and can thrive benefits our people, our customers and our business. LGBT Great’s focus on insights, benchmarking and, above all, on profiling role models and supportive allies, is helping to shift mindsets and forge opportunities for so many talented professionals right across our industry”.

Earlier this month, the Diversity Project, which is also supporting the initiative, outlined its targets for the next five years as it celebrated its five-year anniversary.

Jon Terry, board member and advisor of the Diversity Project, said the organisation was “proud" to support the initiative. 

“Senior leaders set the tone throughout their organisation and it is critical that they stand loud and proud in supporting all of their LGBT+ colleagues, so that they feel comfortable to be themselves. 

“Celebrating those executives who lead on being allies to the LGBT+ community provides greater visibility for the importance of allyship and encourages others to step up and follow their lead."

The one hundred executives represent firms from the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Ryan O’Keeffe, managing director and EMEA executive sponsor of the Out & Allies employee network at BlackRock, said: “Pride is a moment to mark the progress that has been made by the LGBTQ+ Community in achieving acceptance and equality over the last 50+ years. 

“Pride month therefore offers us a chance to reflect on where we are, celebrate our successes, and then focus our energy on the road that lies ahead. There is still much more that needs to be done. I’m really looking forward to the rainbow of virtual events taking place across BlackRock this month”.

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