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Advice firm targets rugby players in recruitment strategy

Advice firm targets rugby players in recruitment strategy

Tweed Wealth Management is targeting former Rugby professionals as part of its recruitment strategy to train them as financial planners.

The firm, which is based in Edinburgh, now has three ex-professional rugby players as part of its firm.

Former London Welsh and Ulster Rugby player Paul Rowley was the first to join in 2017 after graduating from St. James’s Place financial adviser academy. 

He was followed by Michael Allen in 2018 who also joined from SJP’s academy. Allen made his professional debut for Ulster in 2011 before switching to Edinburgh in 2015.

The firm said Rowley is now an established senior financial planner, while Allen has gained a significant amount of client experience in his four years with the firm and has made progress towards obtaining chartered financial planner status.

Meanwhile, Jason Baggott, started his Rugby career with the Southern Kings in his South African homeland. He moved to the UK in 2015 where he spent the remainder of his playing days with Edinburgh rugby.

Alongside his rugby career, Baggott completed an economics and finance degree at Heriot-Watt University before enrolling onto the SJP academy and then to Tweed Wealth Management.

Baggott said: "As a fly-half on the rugby pitch, it’s absolutely key to manage the game and communicate with your teammates, that's an invaluable skill I've been able to transfer into the world of finance. Good communication with clients and colleagues is an absolute must.

"Rugby players show complete commitment to their trade, so the work ethic of a rugby player and that of a financial adviser is really similar - it’s about being fully committed to doing the best possible work.”

He explained that professional rugby is not financially sustainable and is “a short career”. 

“I felt like making the career switch in my mid 20's was the sensible decision instead of wondering what to do when I retire,” he said. 

“I still play rugby part time and absolutely love the game but it was the right time to make the move.”

Baggott said he aims to become a fully chartered financial planner within the next two years and longer term is looking to work in a senior account planner role within the firm. 

Alison Welsh, co-founder and managing director at Tweed Wealth Management, said the rugby playing trio have been a welcome addition to the practice – whose motto is “T is for team”.

She said: “We’ve found that ex-professional sportspeople, and certainly rugby players, are a great fit for a career in wealth management and we are delighted at how all three are progressing with their individual careers and adding to the professionalism of our business.

“It may be that sports professionals are used to playing in a team and they are the type of people who can readily listen and take on advice, while being competitive and wanting to improve all the time.”