DiversityMar 8 2023

'We want women to start their own financial journey'

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'We want women to start their own financial journey'
Saisha Moyce, private client manager at Brooks Macdonald, and Claire Barker, co-founder of Female Folio. (Carmen Reichman/FTAdviser)
BySimoney Kyriakou

International Women's Day is a celebration of female achievement and a challenge to do more globally to address the persistent issues that affect women across the world.

Financial empowerment is one pillar of these ambitions, and the UK financial services industry is working to help women become more financially resilient as well as financially independent. 

But there is still some way to go, as Saisha Moyce, private client manager at Brooks Macdonald, and Claire Barker, co-founder of Female Folio, tell FTAdviser. 

The pair said they relish the ability to "make a real difference" to people's lives in their professional roles at Brooks Macdonald, but urge the wider industry to cut the jargon, do more to encourage more women to become financially literate, and bring more women into financial services. 

FTAdviser: What made you decide to join financial advice as a profession? 

Claire Barker: I was looking for an opportunity within a sector where my skills and ambitions would be put to good use – both on a professional level but also in knowing that I was making a difference. Many are unaware of the crucial role that communications plays in the financial services space.

The landscape has changed over the past decade, led by RDR back in 2012 and up to today’s incoming consumer duty requirements.

Women have an invaluable perspective to offer.Saisha Moyce

Ultimately, there is an exciting opportunity for financial services organisations to genuinely put customers and an ethical approach at the heart of everything they do to build and sustain trust and be a force for good. Unsurprisingly, my experience in the industry has been incredibly rewarding. 

Saisha Moyce: I absolutely love connecting with people, and I wanted to channel this passion into my career.

Financial advice is all about meeting clients and taking them on a journey towards reaching their financial objectives and aspirations.

To achieve this successfully, it's crucial to build strong rapport and trust. While technical expertise is undoubtedly essential, the relationship you develop with people is of paramount importance.

This job also enables me to impart an invaluable life skill to others – financial education.

Saisha Moyce, Brooks Macdonald. (Carmen Reichman/FTAdviser)

Using my professional skills and knowledge, I can make a real difference to people's lives. It's an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.  

FTA: What makes financial advice attractive as a career for women?

SM: As statistics indicate, there are significantly fewer female financial advisers than male ones, your voice as a woman is incredibly important in this field. Women have an invaluable perspective to offer that differs from their male counterparts when it comes to best serving clients.