Consumer dutyMay 19 2023

Industry experts run one-day communications workshop

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Industry experts run one-day communications workshop
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Mel Holman, Caroline Stuart and Melissa Kidd are offering a one-day communications workshop for financial advisers, planners and paraplanners.

The workshop, which will be held on July 26 near Birmingham, is focused on ensuring reports and communications are client friendly, clear and compliant.

The workshop will draw on the skills of three experienced professionals: Mel Holman, who is a certified and chartered financial planner and has worked in the field of compliance for over 20 years. Holman is director and founder of compliance and training solutions (CATS).

Also joining Holman is Caroline Stuart, a chartered financial planner who has spent over 20 years’ working in financial planning and paraplanning, and Melissa Kidd, who also has over 20 years’ experience in communications. 

Kidd’s background is psychology and she has worked alongside the finance sector for over 10 years, helping professionals to communicate more effectively. She’s the director of Motem.

The practical training day aims to help address the misconception that compliance “gets in the way of writing client-friendly reports”, the three industry experts explained. 

They said all too often this misunderstanding of what needs to be in a report means they are longer and more complicated than they need to be.

Consumer understanding is a core element of the consumer duty obligations so the three experts said it’s crucial that firms help their teams enhance their skills and knowledge in preparation of its implementation on July 31 deadline.

Stuart, who has experience of training and mentoring paraplanners and financial planners and runs Sparrow Paraplanning and Sparrow Solutions, said: “Making communications more client friendly, more readable and more inviting is the holy grail of report writing.

“This workshop will help you to learn from your peers, develop new skills and knowledge and help you make your reports and client communications not just something they have to read, but something they want to.”

The experts said places are limited to 20 to allow personal attention to be given and everyone has an opportunity to join in. 

They said participants will leave feeling more confident, having developed their competence in writing reports and communications that are clear, concise and compliant. 

The day will involve discussions, exercises and collaborative and practical practice sessions.  

The session's learning objectives:

  • Recognise what does and doesn’t need to be in a compliant report
  • Write effective client objectives
  • Follow the seven rules of readability
  • Apply what you’ve learnt and create Flexi Access Drawdown report

Each place costs £297 (plus VAT) and includes lunch.

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