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Guide to Getting Professional Indemnity Insurance



    The market has also seen premiums rising due to retrospective action over major failures such as Arch Cru by the FSA. The issue was put into sharp relief this year as adviser network Honister blamed its insolvency on overly high PII costs.

    This guide, as well as setting out the whys and wherefores, will give you ideas about how to reduce your premium and get the right cover.

    Supporting material is provided by Teresa Brewer, Sales and Services Director, Aon UK, which began providing PII to financial advisors earlier this year.

    In this guide

      1. What is professional indemnity insurance?

      2. Do all PII policies extend to civil liability?

      3. Are turnovers reflected in the premiums for PII?

      4. What should your research involve when deciding on a PI insurer?

      5. How can an adviser reduce his PII premium?

      6. Can other firms’ claims squeeze your PII premiums upwards?

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