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Guide to Critical Illness Cover



    This suggests your clients may be comfortable with the concept of insurance but do not always make the most sensible choices when prioritising what to insure, presenting the adviser with an opportunity to set them on the right track.

    This guide examine the variety of critical illness cover on the market, the use of menu plans, how to highlight the subject of CI protection with clients, and how to expedite the process.

    Answers provided by Alan Lakey, partner at Highclere Financial Services, and Ian Smart, head of product development and technical support at Bright Grey & Scottish Provident.

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      1. How many different illnesses and conditions does the ABI set out for minimum cover for critical illness?

      2. Which provider/s did Mr Lakey say use a superior definition to pay out when a client suffers from a benign brain tumour?

      3. What does Mr Smart suggest if clients are put off by the cost of adding critical illness cover for the full amount of their mortgage?

      4. Can clients use critical illness as a proxy for income protection?

      5. What percentage of CI claims are now paid out?

      6. When applying for cover for older clients, what does Mr Lakey recommend it is especially important that advisers have?

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