Letter: I am ready for the RDR, but the industry is not

Nigel Tinsdale

Fund fact sheets from companies can no longer be called fact sheets because the information is not factual, the AMC’s and initial charges do not correspond with what the client buys at.

It is not possible to obtain a projection from the Cofunds platform, but that is not new as that has not been available since September. The Fidelity FundsNetwork site still talks about commission. The comparison tool Adviser Asset does not have the same funds that many of the platforms carry and so renders it useless. I could go on and on. The more I look the more I see how unprepared the industry is. If I was not ready I would not be able to trade, but I am finding it hard to trade as getting accurate information seems next to impossible. What a complete shambles.

Nigel Tinsdale

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Managing Director

Tinsdale Investment Management