OpinionFeb 7 2013

Letter: We are now in a service-orientated world

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Margins are under pressure and, no doubt, we are all trying to be as efficient as possible. Am I alone in believing that our efforts are being thwarted and our profitability threatened by the continuing abysmal standards offered by the providers and in particular the usual culprits, the life offices?

Is it not high time that this situation is rectified? The general impetus from these firms is for us to work in such a way that helps their efficiency and bottom line, with scant regard to our own. Naming and shaming may do some good but I do not hold out any great hope.

In essence the life offices are living in the past as they are completely sales orientated. We are no longer in a sales orientated world after the RDR. We are now in a service-orientated world and it is about time that the senior management in these organisations begin to understand that. We live in hope.

Harry Katz


Norwest Consultants