InvestmentsMar 13 2013

‘Clients prefer investments they can physically touch’

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The poll found 39 per cent of consumers were most confident about investments in cash, while 31 per cent preferred residential property or a private pension.

Nick McLean, partner of Paxton, said 28 per cent had a preference for investing in something they “can physically touch,” while 20 per cent craved long-term performance and 14 per cent wanted something they could understand.

He added: “With the current economic uncertainty, consumers are looking for assets that they feel they can trust, be it due to long-term performance or the ability to see what they are investing in.

“As we head towards the end of the tax year, this suggests that we will witness an increase in interest from Sipp and Isa investors in funds with these attributes.”

Nick Evans, financial planner for Hertfordshire-based One Life Wealth, said: “Looking for the next best idea in the long term is never going to pay off. The sensible way to invest is to have a balance of ideas. Getting that balance right is where an adviser adds value.”


39 per cent favour cash

31 per cent cent investing in residential property

5 per cent investing in equities

4 per cent investing in bonds