InvestmentsMay 29 2013

Launch Pad: Investments: JP Morgan

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The JP Morgan Global Convertibles Income fund will invest in bonds that can be converted to shares at a later date and is aiming to raise £100m from investors.

Managed by Antony Vallee, the closed-ended fund is targeting a minimum dividend yield of 4.5 per cent in the first year. Income will be paid half-yearly at first and then quarterly from the second year onwards.


Trust particulars

- Offer for subscription launched on 17 May, closes 5 June

- Shares start trading on 11 June.

- Minimum investment: £1000

- Share price: initially 100p, net asset value per share at least 98p

- AMC: 0.75 per cent

Adviser view

David Penny, managing director of Taunton-based Invest Southwest, said: “Investors of all kinds are casting around for safe homes for their money, combined with any kind of return. This has a place – albeit quite small – in a sophisticated investor’s widely balanced portfolio.”