Taking action on allegations by CMCs

Tony Catt

I am currently fighting with a set of solicitors doing claims management company work. I intend to go to small claims online to cover the time that I have taken.

I copied the client into my final response. I sent him a copy of the claim letter and our response. I feel that the client is likely to be unaware of the amount of allegations being made on his behalf and their accuracy.

My final response made it plain that I would be reporting the matter to the legal regulator and also threatened to take it to the police for consideration of fraudulent insurance claim or extortion. My copy to the client told him to read the letter and contact the solicitors to discuss legal ramifications of this claim being made on his behalf.

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This may seem to be a little harsh, but the client has chosen to make his claim using the claims management company’s services. The client is relying on the bravery of being out of range. I have simply brought it back into play.

We need to make it public that we do not need to tolerate unfounded allegations of malpractice.

Obviously if we receive a complaint direct from a client we would treat it with the importance and respect that any complaint should receive under FCA guidelines.

Tony Catt

Freelance compliance officer

East Sussex