AJ Bell unveils clean share class plans

Sippcentre platform’s funds and shares service is set to give clients access to more than 3,000 clean share classes and 1,000 bundled funds where there is a rebate available, starting 6 April.

Where someone invests in a bundled fund after 6 April 2014, AJ Bell will pass back any rebate received from the fund manager to the client in the form of additional units.

The investment range will continue to evolve in line with the needs and demands of advisers and their clients, the provider said.

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In the fourth quarter of 2014, the platform will begin the process of converting existing fund holdings into their ‘clean’ share class equivalents, “where these are available”.

The conversion process will be carried out on a fund-by-fund basis.

Billy Mackay, AJ Bell’s marketing director, said: “In reviewing Sippcentre’s funds and hares service fund range we looked to identify a comprehensive range of funds with a focus on providing access to the share class with the best possible underlying price available to us.

“In doing this, we have been able to ensure that we continue to provide access to an extensive range of funds at the best terms we can get.”

“We have intentionally planned the process of converting funds to their clean share class equivalent for Q4 2014 to allow advisers who are carrying out their own reviews to convert any existing holdings at a time of their choosing.

“We will work with users of the platform to ensure that all conversions are carried out well in advance of 5 April 2016.”