Platforms ‘adding cost and complexity’ to AE process

The founder of employee benefits platform Jargonfree claimed that many providers had been increasing set-up times on their AE systems, having forgotten that the “primary purpose of technology should be to streamline processes like this”.

He said the firm’s own JFBlite system can put a scheme in place for employers in a month, sometimes less, so long as the business is at least four weeks from its staging date or the required commencement date.

He added: “We are pretty upbeat about the efficiency of our system and our ability to build JFBlite AE schemes quickly if all inputs are first vetted and checked for consistency by the self-checking mechanisms within our online fact-find and its data template.”

Industry view

Mark Polson, founder of the Lang Cat platform consultancy, said: “No provider can claim that the sheer act of using its platform will get you cleaner and quicker results if you’re not totally ready. Platforms that pride themselves on quick turnaround times still require the employer to have all their data cleaned up and their payroll systems up to scratch.

“However, it is true that other systems in the market are taking six months to set up schemes. That timeframe is just not practical.”