Risk perception

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Discretionary Fund Management - October 2014

It’s a sublime gamble over which you had little control, but which pays off as long as you let yourself fall. And many of us also take the trusting risk of turning love into marriage.

Risk makes the world go round, and we know that there would be no enterprise or innovation without someone somewhere having gone out on a limb.

It’s perfectly understandable that we’ve become the risk-averse creatures that we have. The risks around us seem real and present. We can’t run away from them.

But let’s not get so obsessed with managing risk that we forget to live. Sometimes risk is its own reward.

Robert Rowland Smith is a philosopher and faculty member at The School of Life. This article is based on an essay for Vestra Wealth LLP, part of the series ‘A Portfolio of Thoughts’, in partnership with The School of Life.