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Diary of an adviser: Richard Bond

Richard Bond


The first appointment this Monday is the transfer of a cash Isa into a stocks and shares Isa. This takes the form of a presentation meeting, and it all goes exactly according to plan. The client and I also arrange another appointment, as further funds are available.

The second appointment of the day is for an investment of £70,000. This is for a client I have known for some years. Again, I am pleased to report that the client proceeds with the advice.

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The final appointment is an annual review. Having covered the changes that have taken place over the last 12, I update the financial review before the client completes a new attitude-to-risk questionnaire. The ATR is different to that of the previous year and clearly shows the value of revisiting this subject on an annual basis. The client agrees she would like to start some regular savings and books a further appointment.


To start my day I have a phone meeting booked with a provider to discuss a number of client accounts. The remainder of Tuesday is spent packaging from the previous day and preparing for Wednesday, when I have two appointments booked.

Because most of my work involves being sat behind a desk, I try to keep fit, and therefore I play squash in the afternoon with an ex-colleague from the bank. I am sorry to say that the outcome was not as successful as Monday’s appointments.


I have two appointments today. The first is to discuss investments, but it quickly becomes apparent that the burning issue for the client is inheritance-tax planning. Fortunately, they are already making use of their annual allowance and, consequently, I agree a follow-up meeting to offer further advice.

My second appointment is to discuss a mortgage for the daughter of a friend of mine. My wife Clare and I play in a brass band and the friend is one we have known through bands for many years. Because her budget is tight, we agree that I will explore a fixed-rate option. Again, a further appointment is booked.


I have a continual professional development webinar on pension switches in the morning, following which the remainder of the day is spent working on ongoing files. Because I work for Opal Financial Management from home, I can manage my own time. This gives me the flexibility to go to the gym when it is quiet, which is a real bonus.


I have just one appointment on Friday morning with clients I have previously dealt with, who have recontacted me for some new advice. The appointment goes very well and we agree that I will conduct a review of their existing stocks and shares Isas, as well as a further investment plan.