FundsNetwork launches full yearly allowance client support on web

FundsNetwork launches full yearly allowance client support on web

Fidelity FundsNetwork has launched a support zone on its website to help advisers explain to clients the benefits of using the full yearly allowance.

According to Stefanie Ives, a spokesman for the platform, FundsNetwork has created a range of material available to financial advisers, both relating to stocks and shares Isa and pension choices.

This includes all the forms and materials that advisers might need to run their own marketing campaigns in the run-up to the end of the tax year.

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There are also downloadable materials in the form of guides to pension and Isa allowances, application forms and sample letters.

Ms Ives said: “With the new pension flexibility available to clients from April, we have a number of retirement guides to assist advisers in explaining what this means to them.”

Adviser view

Chris Williams, chief executive of Bristol-based Wealth Horizon, said it was important that people considered using stocks and shares Isas, as returns on cash Isas have been dire.

He said: “In 2007, before the financial crisis, the average cash Isa rate was 5.5 per cent, before slumping dramatically as banks cut interest rates to record lows.

“Last year, some cash accounts paid less than 1 per cent, equating to around just £1 interest on every £1,000 in savings.”

However, he added: “Even with 2014 being a particularly difficult year, the UK all companies sector returned 0.9 per cent, while corporate bond funds saw an average return of nearly 10 per cent. Even the most conservative and risk adverse of investment Isas are likely to have seen a greater return than that of their cash counterparts.”