Simplybiz tells members to use CIExpert protection tool

Simplybiz tells members to use CIExpert protection tool

Support services firm Simplybiz is telling members to use online portal CIExpert for their protection business, as part of a programme to build focus on protection that includes a series of nationwide seminars.

CIExpert provides statistical research and tools designed to help convey information on policies to clients in a way that is easy to comprehend, via automatically-generated reports that also provide information required to support the compliance of their advice.

Alan Lakey, director of CIExpert, explained to FTAdviser that the support network’s members were emailed yesterday about the new policy, although he pointed out that it was not compulsory, as many members will only be pension or investment advisers.

Last month, Simplybiz announced a series of 13 protection events across the UK in March to help mortgage and protection advisers. This time last year it also launched a Protection Academy to help members improve their knowledge and understanding of the protection market.

Martin Reynolds, chief executive of Simplybiz Mortgages, said that he was continually looking for ways to equip members with the technical knowledge and tools to assist them in developing their protection business.

Mr Lakey commented that with the constant flow of policy improvements, it is often challenging for individual advisers to keep pace with changes in the market.

“We’re trying to enhance advisers’ knowledge in areas they might be a big scared of, because if we can make them confident it’s the best way to grow this industry.”