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Diary of an Adviser: Lynda Walkley

Lynda Walkley


Later, I meet a couple who are longstanding clients. They are hoping to retire this year and are fearful and excited by this major change. The financial plan that we have in place is well on track for them to have the retirement they are hoping for. They are happy and relaxed. It is both professionally and personally rewarding to see clients happy with the outcome I recommended.


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I meet with a potential client referral. We have a good chat about her current situation and her objectives. I tell her she can achieve her goals and the most tax efficient way to do this. She was unaware of the importance of using the right tax efficient wrapper and the difference this will make in the future. She emails the next day to say how much she got out of the meeting, to follow up and put her financial plan into place.

The house is busy when I arrive home. All three of my children are back from school. I listen to their stories as I prepare dinner. We sit down together and enjoy some valuable family time.


I meet one of our corporate clients I am advising on directors’ pension and protection planning. We bring together everything we have been discussing during the previous months and we talk through both their business and personal financial objectives, what we have put in place, as well as their plans for the next few years.

In the evening, I attend my usual Kettlercise class. It is a hard workout and I feel invigorated, but ready to relax.


I meet a private client solicitor with a view to adding him to our referral panel. It is important for us to work with other professionals to ensure that clients receive the best possible advice and service. The conversation often strays into areas on which we are not qualified to advise. The meeting goes well and we share the same visions and passions. We agree to meet again and look forward to working together.

I rush home to pick up my two younger children for swimming lessons while my husband takes the eldest to football training. Then home to listen to each of them read and a bit of family fun before bedtime.


The week ends with a day in the office, catching up with paperwork and admin. I also complete some CPD. As a member firm of Sifa, we have access to some fantastic webinars that help me keep up to date with regulatory changes and topical issues. Webinars are popular with our solicitor panel too and I receive a number of emails from people thanking me for including them.

Friday is my school pick-up day, so it is straight off to gymnastics for the little lady. The boys come along protesting, but persuaded by the promise of sweets.