Cornelian gets UK big cap value

Cornelian gets UK big cap value

With a UK large cap bias making up a 72 per cent equity exposure, the SVS Cornelian Growth Fund has returned a good 38.28 per cent in the past three years, data from FE Trustnet has shown.

The £107.1m fund sits 25th in the Investment Association’s Mixed Investment 40-85 per cent Share sector, outperforming it since mid-2012.

According to its latest factsheet, the portfolio’s objective is to provide long-term capital growth from a balanced portfolio of equities, bonds, government securities and collective investment schemes.

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Fund manager Hector Kilpatrick and team of four could also choose to focus in a particular region or sector, or hold a high level of cash or money market instruments.

It has a 28.2 per cent UK equity exposure, and an international exposure of 43.6 percent, of which US equities account for 14.5 per cent and the eurozone 10.2 per cent.

The portfolio’s remaining equity allocation is spread across Europe, Japan, the Far East, international and emerging markets.

Absolute returns, commercial property, private equity, infrastructure funds and cash make up a 15.2 per cent allocation.

Top holdings are the £8.4bn Pimco Global Investment Grade Credit, at 5.93 per cent; the £686m TwentyFour Dynamic Bond, at 4.61 per cent, and the £1.6bn GLG Strategic Bond Fund, at 4.37 per cent.

The portfolio’s minimum investment is £1,000, and the ongoing charge is 1.75 per cent, according to FE Trustnet.

In the same peer group and time period, the Fidelity Multi-Asset Allocator Growth Fund has underperformed the sector, although it has managed to return a decent 22.98 per cent in the past three years, placing it 147th in the sector, according to FE Trustnet.

The £96.3m portfolio seeks to provide long-term growth by investing primarily through other regulated collective investment schemes – including schemes managed by Fidelity – to obtain a global exposure to mostly equities, bonds, commodities and property.

Fund managers Kevin O’Nolan and Nick Peters said their objective is to invest mainly in index tracking funds, as part of a lower-cost investment approach. Derivatives may also be used to keep cost and risk down. However, they could look outside the fund’s main region, sector, industries or asset classes.

The portfolio has a 57.2 per cent equity exposure, according to its latest factsheet, and similarly the largest holding is the UK, at 22.6 per cent. This is followed by the US, at 18.1 per cent, and Europe, at 6.2 per cent.

The next biggest asset class are bonds, at 20 per cent, with UK Fixed Income making up 16 per cent, and the rest in Global Fixed Income.

The remaining assets are in commodities, property, alternatives and cash.

The portfolio’s top holdings are the £1.5bn Fidelity Index UK Fund, at 22.6 per cent; the £270m Fidelity Index US Fund, at 15.4 per cent, and the Bloomberg Commodity Index, at 7 per cent.

The minimum investment is £1,000, and the ongoing charge is 1.2 per cent, according to FE Trustnet.

SVS Cornelian Growth Fund Fidelity MA Allocator Growth Fund
Pimco Global Investment Grade Credit 5.93%Fidelity Index UK Fund 22.6%
TwentyFour Dynamic Bond 4.61%Fidelity Index US Fund 15.4%
GLG Strategic Bond Fund 4.37%Bloomberg Commodity Index 7%
International Public Partnership 3.93%L&G All Stocks Gilt Index 5.9%
Vanguard S&P 500 ETF 3.80%Fidelity Index Japan Fund 5.7%