Top5/Bottom5: Japan funds

Top5/Bottom5: Japan funds

Japanese stocks finished slightly higher on the Tokyo Stock Exchange over hopes for improved corporate earnings, after losing ground on profit-taking. The Nikkei 225 average climbed 0.02 per cent.

A total of 65 funds sit within the IA Japan sector under UK Investment Association with Lindsell Train Japanese Equity fund as the best performer. The fund saw a return of £1,383 based on an initial investment of £1,000 over a 12 month period to 12 May.

The fund aims to increase the value of shareholder’s capital over the longer term from a focused portfolio of equities. The fund’s investment performance is compared with the Tokyo Stock Exchange through investment in a portfolio of Japanese equities. The fund’s asset allocation includes 98.9 per cent in Japanese equities and the remaining in cash.

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JPM Japan is the second best performing fund with a return of £1,373 on an initial investment of £1,000 over one year to 12 May. The fund aims to provide capital growth over the long term by investing primarily in the shares of Japanese companies. It has as much as 24.5 per cent allocated in the electronic and electrical equipment sector.

The worst performing fund as of today is Martin Currie Japan Alpha with a return of £1,152 on an initial investment of £1,000. The fund aims to provide capital growth by investing primarily in large and medium-sized Japanese companies. The asset allocation figures show the fund is heavily invested in Japanese equities.

It’s worth pointing out that while the top performing funds invest in sectors like consumer goods and electrical equipments, the bottom five invest heavily in consumer discretionary and financials.

Best And Worst Japan Funds, One Year To 11 May 2015
Top 5
Lindsell Train Japanese Equity£1,383
JPM Japan£1,373
Henderson Japan Opportunities£1,353
M&G Japan£1,352
Neptune Japan Opportunities£1,340
Bottom 5
Standard Life Investments Japanese Equity£1,213
Baring Japan Growth£1,209
Tiburon Taiko Unhedged£1,198
BlackRock Global Funds Japan Flexible Equity £1,179
Martin Currie Japan Alpha£1,152
Notes: Figures as of 12 May 2015. Source: FE

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