Don’t pull punches with insistent clients

Barry Rogers

Regarding the challenge of insistent clients, we all have problems where a long-standing client wants to do something, and we want to help.

Do we help by arranging something we do not agree with? I do not think so, and as their financial adviser our duty is to make that clear. The clearest way to do that is refuse to facilitate it.

If there are reasons that make the course of action a sensible option, then recommend it. The report needs to say why, warts and all. Punches must not be pulled; if the house is about to be repossessed, say so.

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Either say it is a bad idea, it is their money, but you will not help them make a terrible error; or that you understand their reasons, feel it is a viable option and will arrange it. That is treating customers fairly.

Barry Rogers

Senior manager,

Price Bailey Private Client,